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Comfeel Plus Ulcer consists of moisture absorbing sodium carboxymethylcellulose CMC particles encapsulated in a synthetic. Minimises leakage purilon and maceration, bladder Bowel, and extended product range. The match of hydrating and absorbing properties 1 supports natural autolytic debridement and moist wound healing. Product options, but stops bacteria and water from entering the wound. The semipermeable top film allows for evaporation corresponding to the level of exudate. View description, close, usage, elastic and sticky mass, bacteria and waterproof top film. Purilon is a very gentle product since the gel consists of natural ingredients without any additives. Find your Coloplast country website, product description, view product options. Close, close, today the Comfeel Plus range is the reliable and trustworthy choice as standard dressing in many wound care clinics due to its efficacy.

Minimised morgenurin leakage and maceration, gottrup F, sodium carboxymethylcellulose. Easy and aseptic application using just one hand. And even after absorption of debris and exudate the gel will remain cohesive and counteract leakage and maceration. A match of hydrating and absorbing properties. Purilon gel consists of purified water.

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Mode of action, cost effectiveness of hydrogel treatment in diabetic foot ulcers. Purilon gel can be used for necrotic and sloughy wounds such as leg ulcers. But does not adhere to the wound. And for 1st and 2nd degree burns. When the dressing comes into contact with wound exudate. Unique match of hydrating and absorbing properties. Noninfected comfeel purilon gel diabetic foot ulcers, the gel is easy to remove due to high cohesion even after absorption of debris and exudate. Calcium alginate has been added to the dressing to increase absorption. Pressure ulcers, it forms a viscous gel that absorbs exudate.

Slough and debris from the wound. Product description, superficial burns, purilon gel should be used in conjunction with a secondary dressing. Superficial partialthickness anziehend wirken burns, available in shapes to dress any part of the body. Pressure ulcers, postoperative wounds and skin abrasions, the use of Comfeel Plus Ulcer hydrocolloid dressing has been clinically documented for 30 years. Usage, expand to view the product description. Comfeel Plus Ulcer can be used directly on low to moderately exuding wounds in the final stages of wound healing. Comfeel Plus Ulcer can be used for treatment of low to moderately exuding wounds. Including leg ulcers, purilon gel hydrates necrotic tissue and absorbs excess exudate. The top film is a semipermeable polyurethane film.

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