Uncategorized € 1500 online loans: get a quote now

€ 1500 online loans: get a quote now

We discover the characteristics of the loan from 1500 euros . All the information regarding the small loans offered, and with the small loan reserved for owners. We will see how to request a quote for small loans and the treatments offered for each duration available.

Small loan 1500 euros: main features and quotation

Small loan 1500 euros: main features and quotation

If you are interested in receiving a loan of 1500 euros, the solutions certainly are not lacking. One of the advantages related to the request for a small sum of money concerns the delivery times. For the bank that must provide the loan, the risk is in fact minimal, so the request can be made online and often the payment will be immediate. By choosing Agos loans we will also have the possibility to choose the duration of our financing, starting from a minimum of 6 months up to a maximum of 36 months . So it will be up to us to choose if we prefer to complete the reimbursement in a short time or if we prefer to fix light installments. To find out the ideal duration we requested an Agos estimate for a 1500 euro loan. The table below shows the monthly repayment installment and the Tan and Taeg interest rates for all the different durations available.

6 months 254.32 euros 5.90 6.07
9 months 170.79 euros 5.90 6.07
12 months € 129.03 5.90 6.07
15 months € 103.98 5.91 6.07
18 months 87.28 euros 5.90 6.07
21 months 75.35 euros 5.90 6.06
24 months 66.41 euros 5.90 6.06
36 months 45,56 euros 5.90 6.06

The first thing we need to consider when we set the duration of our loan is the expected monthly repayment installment. This must be within our reach, and we must be sure to be able to deal with it even considering any unexpected expenses in certain months. As can be seen from the table, however, for an Agos loan of 1500 euro the expected installment will never be particularly high . So our advice is to try not to choose to delay the payment encouraged by the light installment, as it is good to consider the total cost of financing . In this case, the interest rates are practically constant, but it is good to remember that these are interest years, which, considering the entire duration, affect more or less the cost of the loan depending on the duration chosen.

So what is the ideal duration for a 1500 euro Agos loan? There is no valid answer in any case to this question, as the evaluations in this sense are closely linked to the economic situation of the client. If it is necessary to consider the most convenient financing, then it is obvious that it is the one with a shorter duration and therefore equal to 6 months , which however provides a repayment installment of 254.32 euros and Tan 5.90% interest rates and Taeg 6,07% . In many cases, however, this solution is not feasible, due to the excessively high repayment rate, therefore it is necessary to extend the duration. In any case, our advice for 1,500 euro Agos loans is to not exceed 15 months for repayment, with monthly installments of 103.98 euros and therefore rather in scope, Tan 5.90% and Taeg 6.06% .

Personal Loan 1500 euros: installment calculation and interest rates

Personal Loan 1500 euros: installment calculation and interest rates

Another credit institution that offers its customers the opportunity to receive a small loan of 1500 euros . The form of financing also in this is that of the personal loan, which can in fact be requested starting from a minimum of 1,000 euros up to a maximum of 60,000 euros. The request for funding can be made directly online, and on the company’s website we have the possibility to simulate the loan from 1500 euros to which we are interested before proceeding with the actual request. In the following table we have reported the characteristics related to the various forms of loan from 1500 euros offered .

18 months 89.80 euros 9.58 10,01
24 months € 68.90 9.54 9.96
30 months € 56.40 9.54 9.97

As you can see immediately from the table, the financing solutions among which we can choose if we rely to receive our loan are only three. So from this point of view the choice is rather limited compared to what we have seen for the loans. Furthermore, in this case the minimum duration that we can choose is 18 months. As far as interest rates are concerned , there is a difference between the minimum duration and the options with repayment in 24 and 30 months, which have rather similar characteristics.

Being a loan of only € 1,500, the monthly repayment installments are quite low in each of the three cases. For this reason, if you choose to receive a € 1,500 loan, our advice is that of a repayment in 18 months , which provides a monthly payment of € 89.80 with interest rates Tan 9.58% and Taeg 10.01 % . It would be useless to extend the duration to fix an even lower monthly payment. In any case it is good to compare the credit conditions with those offered by other companies, as for example Agos seems to offer more advantageous interest rates.



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