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Loan review – information and how to apply


There are not many companies that can offer you a service and a product like . Designed and designed for the long term, these loans make it easy to obtain from $ 10,000 to $ 100,000 pesos that you can pay in monthly installments with a duration of between 1 to 3 years.

Information about personal loans

Information about personal loans

Main features

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “personal loans”? It would not be a surprise at all if you were imagining a long line in a bank, with people having their folders full of an infinite number of documents to talk to a specialized agent and make a request for a certain amount of money.

That was the traditional way in which personal loans were handled and of all the people who are in that line, many requests will be rejected for the mere reason that is known in Mexico as “being in the bureau”. Everything ends up being inefficient and a loss of both time and money, because it is most likely that you have requested a day at work to be able to go to the branch of the bank.

Luckily, today, we have in the country, companies that have been dedicated to optimizing all this activity, creating platforms and tools that eliminate all the bureaucracy of the process and put in our hands the possibility of requesting money from wherever we want whenever we want.

One of these companies is , one of the many that is part of the group, and which makes it easier for individuals, through an innovative and reliable platform, to obtain up to $ 100,000 pesos with one of the lowest market rates and with comfortable terms.

How do they work?

When you read, regardless of the medium, obtaining financing has never been so easy, believe it, because platforms such as have taken the task of making this process less complicated for the applicant, making clear what the requirements are and what the steps are to continue to start a process with them.

It does not matter the reason or the destiny that you are going to give to the credit; Whether to settle debts on your credit card or any other loan with high interest, start your business venture, improve your home or invest in yourself, with you should only carry out the following steps:

  1. Sign up and complete your application. Here the data they require are standard; name, surname, email, amount, term, among others. This can take you between 5 and 10 minutes, at the most.
  2. Know if you are a candidate 15 minutes after completing your pre-application. This is known as preapproval, where reviews your data and based on them, decides whether to grant credit or not. In itself, here you do not have to do anything.
  3. Accept the terms of your loan. If approved, will send you the contract with the loan conditions, that is, the interest rate that they have established according to your credit situation, the CAT and the monthly amount to be paid.
  4. Finally sign your contracts and receive the money directly to your bank account. If you agree with the conditions, you will have to sign the simple Credit Contract, promissory note and authorization to direct your payments, all you can do digitally with touch devices or a mouse.

In case you have made the whole process and carry out the transfer of money to your account, you will be charged an opening fee of 5% and which is distributed among the first four months. This is clearly explained with an example in which if the requested amount is $ 50,000 pesos, the first four installments will be $ 3,331 pesos to reflect the commission, while the following will be $ 2,706 pesos.

With regard to the return of the loan, you have two methods at your disposal, the first, which we mentioned above, is through direct debit. Likewise, anyone who has contracted a loan with can make their payments by depositing them to the bank account indicated by the company.

For payments, sends three notifications before the payment date; one week in advance, with three days and the last one the previous day. If you can not pay on time, the commission charged is 10%. If the person stops paying, will report to the client with the Credit Bureau where his / her record will be severely damaged.

What do I need to obtain a Loan?

The conditions established by so that the process of processing the loan is successful are not very different from those of other companies, since they only require that:

  • Have a bank account in your name.
  • You are of Mexican nationality.
  • Present statements of the last three months.
  • Have a good credit history.
  • Have a proof of income.

Although regarding the last item, does not clarify how they are handled with people who do not have a credit history, having a good rating improves both the probability of obtaining the loan and the interest rate and the total cost of financing , because when reviewing the application, the company defines the risk that each person presents to the company and the higher the qualification (that is, the less risky person), the better the conditions will be.



The mission of , as indicated on its website, is to transform the Mexican financial system through innovative technology . This is something they are achieving thanks to a product like few, which has extremely low interest rates and the ability to obtain large amounts of money to pay for it in an accessible way.


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